ZinoCap™: Non-breakable, non-release, transparent microcapsules of organic and inorganic UV filters. SunCaps™ enhance UV protection profile, prevent skin penetration, increase photostability and overcome incompatibilities among UV filters.  INCI: Zinc oxide & Cellulose acetate


ZinoCap™: Tagra’s unique patented microencapsulation technology enables the manufacturing of unbreakable, transparent micron size microcapsules of organic and inorganic UV filters. This delivery system will:

  • Prevent the UV filter leakage into the surrounding
  • Retain the sunscreen on the superficial layers of the skin
  • Improve safety profile – no risk of skin penetration and no skin irritation and/or
  • Enhance UV filters chemical and photostability
  • Overcome incompatibilities between or among UV filters allowing new sunscreen
  • Prevent crystallization
  • Enable UV filters dispersibility in the water phase
  • Prevent the appearance of white residues caused by TiO2 and ZnO
  • Avoid the need for UV filters solubilizers, therefore enabling light, aesthetic, gentle, smooth
    and non-greasy feel formulations
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      Zinc oxide & Cellulose acetate