Mat-XS Bright®, is a a multi-ethnic efficient solution for oily skin made from the Orthosiphon Stamineus extract. A traditional south-eastern Asian medicinal plant called java tea or “cat’s whiskers”, Orthosiphon Stamineus has been used historically for soothing properties, hypertension, liver and kidney pain and to ease excretory function. For it’s use in Skin Care products,  Mat-XS Bright® has been shown to:

  • Reduces skin oiliness and shininess
  • Reduces lipid production
  • Acts on lipid peroxidation

In particular volunteer studies shown a formula containing 2% Mat-XS Bright vs  1% Zn Gluconate:

  • Reduces Squalene synthesis in skin explants
  • Inhibits DHT synthesis in skin explants
  • Free-radical activity to prevent sebum oxidation

Mat-XS Bright® has a Natural origin (ISO 16128): 100%