Polycrylene® (INCI Name: Polyester-8) is a copolymer of Adipic Acid and Neopentyl Glycol that is terminated with Cyanodiphenyl Propenoic Acid (average MW ~1900 daltons). To improve handling, a small percentage of polymer molecules are terminated at one end with Octyldodecanol.

The cyanodiphenyl propenoate moiety absorbs solar ultraviolet (UV) radiation with a peak at 303 nm. On a weight-to-weight basis, three grams of Polycrylene® absorbs roughly as much UV radiation as one gram of Octocrylene. Therefore, at recommended use levels of 1-4%, its minimal UVB absorbance will not directly affect SPF. Nonetheless, Polycrylene® retains Octocrylene’s ability to photo stabilize Avobenzone via a triplet quenching mechanism, albeit with somewhat lower, but still impressive, efficiency. It also works synergistically with Corapan® TQ (Diethylhexyl 2,6-Naphthalate) to photo stabilize Avobenzone.

Polycrylene® may also improve the substantivity of sunscreen formulations as measured by resistance to wash-off. For example, a sunscreen formulation containing 3% Polycrylene® was substantially more water resistant than a similar formulation without Polycrylene® after immersion in a water bath for 20 minutes.

Features & Benefits:

  • SPF Enhancement
  • Substantivity Aid
  • Sunscreen Active Photostabilizer
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