Tinocare® PQ6His a structured, high molecular weight water soluble DADMAC polymer supplied as a 20% aqueous solution.Tinocare® PQ6Hwas specially developed to meet the needs of hair thathas been damaged by harsh chemical and mechanical treatments. It ispositioned for Relaxed, Straightened, and Damaged hair, but can also beapplied in skin care products and bar soaps where substantive conditioning isrequired. Provide conditioning, detangling, softening, lubricity, minimized breakage, reduced grooming friction, easier combing, and helps to maintain straight style during relaxer or straightener process.

  • Efficient conditioning at low use concentrations
  • Easy to incorporate into formulation
  • Provides a soft, silky conditioning effect to damaged hair
  • Reduces combing force and minimizes hair shaft breakage
  • Helps to maintain the straightened style during the relaxer or straightening process
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