The pigmented-spot shrinker

The beauty of our skin is a heritage that needs to endure our lifestyle. BASF experts found that pigmented spot reduction can be epigenetically managed. By increasing a specific epidermal tyrosinase regulator, DN-Aura®reduces the melanin production by melanocytes. The active ingredient, a 100% natural leaf extract from the Vietnamese tree ‚ÄúLangsat‚Äù or ‚ÄúDuku‚Äù (Lansium domesticum), helps to shrink the pigmented spots that appear with age and worsen under environmental factors such as sun exposure and pollution.Maltodextrin (and) Lansium Domesticum Leaf Extract

In Vivo

  1. A decrease in the pigmented-spot area, a decrease of pigmented-spot melanin

Ex Vivo/In Vitro/On Hair

  1. Decrease of melanin synthesis in co-culture of Asian melanocytes with keratinocytes
  2. Reduction of tyrosinase release in Asian human melanocytes
  3. Increase of the expression of the pigmentation gene silencer microRNA (miR-490-3p)


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        Maltodextrin (and) Lansium Domesticum Leaf Extract