Serene Skin Sage is a balancing and protective active. Because our skin is our first defence in fighting visible and invisible external threats, it is important to keep its protective and repair mechanism functions in optimal condition. Skin imbalances can be caused by microbial or physico-chemical threats. 

Sage is a small herbaceous perennial from the dry regions around the Mediterranean. It is an aromatic plant that has been well-known since antiquity for its medicinal properties. Its name comes from the verb to save (salvare in Latin). It is said to be antiseptic, tonic, antiperspirant, soothing for the mucous membranes and to improve digestion. It is combined with other plants to create a range of remedies. Now cultivated in several European and American countries, it is also used as a flavouring in cooking, particularly in marinades and to season game.

Serene Skin Sage acts on three types of epidermal defence: physical, chemical and immune, which follow one another in the skin’s lines of defence, from the surface into the living layers of the epidermis. Thanks to a triple reinforcement action of the cutaneous barrier, Serene Skin Sage helps to enhance radiance and soothe the skin.

Features & Benefits of Serene Skin Sage

  • Enhances complexion: unifies the complexion, increases radiance
  • Reconstructing, lipid-replenishing: helps to homogenize and restructure the composition of the stratum corneum 
  • Regenerating: promotes cell renewal
  • Protection & repair: helps to rebuild, strengthen and unify the skin barrier. Strengthens immune anti-microbial defences 
  • Balancing: rebalances the components of the skin flora
  • Soothing, anti-inflammatory: reduces inflammatory processes, calms red skin

Clinical Test Results

Skin well-being is restored – radiance, evenness, reduced redness (2 applications a day) after 28 days.

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