Uvinul® A Plus Granular is the only photostable organic UVA-I absorber that covers the long wavelengths of the UVA spectrum. It has good solubility in cosmetic oils and also a unique solubility in ethanol. It is compatible with inorganic UV filters like Titanium Dioxide or Zinc Oxide. The outstanding photostability of Uvinul® A Plus Granular provides reliable and efficient sun protection for the whole day.

Sun care products with added anti-aging benefits have a special appeal. Uvinul® A Plus provides not only reliably filters the sun’s dangerous UVA rays, but also provides outstanding protection from free radicals and skin damage. The oil-soluble granular offers excellent formulation flexibility and easily qualifies for EU UVA-PF/SPF recommendation. It is free of preservatives and highly efficient at low concentration. Uvinul® A Plus is ideal for long-lasting sun care and face care products with anti-aging efficacy.

BASF Personal Care offers a wide range of products in various personal care market segments such as Antiperspirant/Deodorants, Body Care, Oral Care, Sun Care, and more. These high-performing products enable the development of formulations that fulfill consumer’s needs.

Features & Benefits of Uvinul® A Plus Granular

  • Efficient shielding against UVA radiation for prevention of skin damage
  • Outstanding photo-stability for reliable and long-lasting protection
  • Excellent formulation flexibility and solubility
  • Easy achievement of EU recommendation
  • Does not contain preservatives
  • Helps to prevent long term skin damage
  • High efficiency at low concentrations 


  • Face Care
  • Sun Protection
  • Anti-Aging Face Products

Uvinul® A Plus Granular

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