Inspired by the richness of the jungle, the luscious ecosystem thrives because of the abundant variety of species that call it home. Biodiversity has a strong impact in nature, and diversity has a strong impact in society, breeding innovation and creativity for prosperous future.

Rooted, Spring/Summer 2024, harnesses the power of diversity and delights in what makes each of us unique.

Diversity is about acknowledging and valuing our differences and all things that make us who we are. Roots ground us in a solid foundation, allowing for expansive growth and contribution to our own ecosystem in society.

Nourished by self-confidence, community connections, and uniqueness, we flourish into our higher selves, bringing joy, happiness, and fulfillment, helping reach Youtopia (a state of mind, a state of growth, and a state of peace).

Influenced by nature, creativity, and sustainability, elements of Rooted include: self-expressionism, biomimicry, blurishing, reuse to renew

Passionate Violet

Flamenco® Summit Indigo
SunCROMA® Ultramarine Violet
Iron Oxides
Titanium Dioxide


Motivated by the power of individuality, we embrace our personal quest for identity with creative artistic expression. 

Glitter Change Lipstick – Proud Pink

Strong colors make strong statements. This matte lipstick carries an unexpected finish. It starts with a matte, intense layer of color. Once it has dried, press your lips together and watch the glitter transform your look!


Mimicking the phenomena found in nature, including colors, textures, and effects that produce new creative looks that are inspired by nature.

Two Tone Eyeshadow – Green Energy

Bring nature to life through design. This two-toned marbled eyeshadow mimics the unique harmony of intricate and energizing colors found on nature’s leaves. It provides a velvety finish with high payoff.


Nourishing – Blooming – Blurring

Blurishing provides next level hybrid product creation. Bloom into your own and embrace what you have, to underline your uniqueness.

Blurishing Stick – Charming Rose

This formulation is a buildable and moisturizing cheek cream stick that instantly melts into your skin. It nourishes your skin and warms your complexion with a soft rose tone and adds a blurishing glow. The featured pigment in this formulation is Cloisonné Sparkle Gold.

Reuse to Renew

Upcycling it not only a trends in fashion. Reimagine beauty routines with purpose and create products that don’t just use but renew. 

Upcycling Body Scrub – Transforming Aqua

Reveal glowing, healthy skin with this exfoliating body scrub. Made with sugar and upcycled raspberry oil to renew the skin. Featured pigments include SunCROMA® Ultramarine Blue and Reflecks™ Dimensions Brilliant Blue.