The Bar Soap – Cold Process gently cleanses the skin with a creamy foam that leaves a hydrated after-feel. The soap contains Brazil Nut Oil which is responsible for providing a pleasant touch and smoothness to the skin while enabling the recovery of moisture and elasticity by strengthening skin’s barrier. 

Phase Trade Name INCI Name % w/w
A Shea Butter Butyrospermum parkii (shea)
Up to 100%
Patauá Oil Refined Oenocarpus bataua fruit oil, Tocopherol 19.80
Babaçu Oil Refined Orbignya oleifera seed oil,
Brazil Nut Oil Refined Bertholletia excelsa seed oil,
B Fragrance   0.50
C Water Aqua 22.90
  Sodium Hydroxide 9.00

Procedure for Bar Soap – Cold Process

  1. In an auxiliary beaker, weight the components of phase (C), water and sodium hydroxide, in this sequence and mix until homogeneous.*
  2. Mix the components of phase (A) in a separate beaker and heat up to 75ºC-80ºC.
  3. Add phase (C) into (A) under stirring.
  4. Below 40ºC, pour phase (B) into phase (A+C) and homogenize gently. Keep under stirring until the soap’s viscosity increases.
  5. Divide the mixture into equal parts and add the clays to each one. Stir each part until they are fully homogeneous.
  6. When placing the formulation in the mold, carry out the chosen decoration technique.
  7. Wait 6 weeks to unmold.

*Always add the sodium hydroxide into the water, NEVER the other way around. This is an exothermic reaction: releases heat and gas!

Bar Soap - Cold Process

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Formulation No. COR 061-0221