Get ready for bed with this Chaq boi toi Booster, a night rejuvenating product for your skin.

This formulation features the ingredient Nephoria™ which is an extract of the evergreen rambutan leaves. Through its action on several major biological targets involved in collagen synthesis and elastic fiber assembly, Nephoria™ stimulates both collagen and elastic fibers formation, increasing skin elasticity and reducing wrinkles appearance to help the skin look visibly younger.

Phase Trade Name INCI Name % w/w
A Water, Demin. Aqua 52.50
  Xanthan Gum 0.30
  Glycerin 8.00
B Eumulgin® SG Sodium Stearoyl Glutamate 0.50
C Lanette® O NA Cetearyl Alcohol 3.00
Cegesoft® HF 62 Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil 2.00
Cetiol® MM Myristyl Myristate 1.00
Cetiol® RLF Caprylyl Caprylate/Caprate 3.00
Cetiol® LC Coco-Caprylate/Caprate 8.00
Eutanol® G Octyldodecanol 3.00
D   Magnesium Aluminum Silicate 1.50
E Ethanol Alcohol 5.00
Covi-ox® T 90 EU C Tocopherol 0.50
Perfume   0.20
F Nephoria™  Maltodextrin, Nephelium Lappaceum Leaves Extract 0.10
Water, Demin. Aqua 9.90
G   Sodium Benzoate 0.50
H Citric Acid (50% solution) Citric Acid 1.00

Procedure for Chaq boi toi Booster

  1. Phase A: add Xanthan Gum and glycerin into the water while stirring until a homogenous solution builds up
  2. Heat Phase A and C separately to 80°C
  3. Add Phase B to Phase A while stirring at 80°C. Add Phase C at 80°C to Phase A+B while stirring
  4. Add Phase D at 75°C to Phase ABC while stirring
  5. Homogenize with a suitable dispersion unit (e.g. Ultra Turrax) at approximately 60°C and continue with slow stirring
  6. Add the ingredient of Phase E below 40°C one after another while stirring
  7. Add Phase F while stirring
  8. Add Phase G while stirring
  9. Adjust the pH value to 4.5 – 4.7 by adding Phase H
  10. Stop stirring at 30°C


pH Value (23°C): 4.8
Viscosity (Brookfield, RVF, Spindle 5, 10 rpm, 23°C): 14800 mPas


Formulation No. SC-DE-18-150-5