Inclusion feels like a simple principal, we are taught in fact at an early age, but somewhere along the line people tend to move from acceptance to indifference. With America’s ever-changing demographics and self-expression, the landscape of personal care is quickly changing and with greater reason more personal than ever.

The discussion around Inclusionary beauty is to confront the division in the beauty space and reject the stereotypes. This shift unearths what beautiful means for entire groups of people who have felt ostracized, including people with disabilities, those over a certain size or age, people of varying colors and nationalities as well as those not conforming to gender and orientation conventions. To highlight how important this is to consumers, Mintel highlights that 48% of consumers are passionate about opposing racial injustices in particular.

Dare to break the barriers, learn how to incorporate inclusivity in your launches through product benefits that resonate with individual needs, not a standard of beauty the majority of the population do not meet:


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