The US is known as a melting pot for very important and increasingly stronger reasons. People of mixed backgrounds and what has historically been known as minority groups, will soon become the majority of the population in the US. In fact, combined, ethnic groups already account for one-third of the population and the Census Bureau projects that within 3 years fewer than half of US births will be ‘Caucasian’.

The diversity and acceptance embodied by younger generations show a shift in how people view themselves and others, they are more than just a ‘race’, ‘generation’, or ‘gender’ – they are an individual. This mindset means consumers are looking for products that suit their specific needs, not an amalgamated idea of their ethnic group’s needs. So, what does this mean for what shapes their desires and in turn their product selection? Listen to why diversity matters here.

Personal identities are the make-up of an individual’s cultural identity combined with their personal style, both of these have to be taken into consideration when formulating hair products that individuals are intimately interested in. As a brand you have the power to choose between: connecting through specific hair care routine needs, or market more inclusively through products that are suited to address a wider range of needs. We will address both in the following posts:

You can also get a head start with these power ingredients:


PEQUI OILWith it’s light conditioning, it helps prevent static while defining curls and reducing frizz. Additionally this can be added for a scalp and curl product as it moisturizes the scalp as well for a multi-purpose ingredient that really delivers!

Luviquats – For curl defining, conditioning, volumizing, anti-static, combability ease, frizz-reduction, and scalp moisturization, there is little this group can not do!

Extracts and plant actives for the natural appeal and proven efficacy –  argan, coconut, shea, sunflower, jasmine, saffron, pomegranate,turmeric,lotus, olive

Consider branching out from adult-targeted hair care to include family and children to set the narrative of inclusivity and acceptance for the self. Additionally, while addressing self-esteem through self-acceptance, being a proponent for self-care no matter who you are can bring a holistic, balanced, inclusive, and encouraging approach to hair care, check out our bath, stress and multifunctionality trends for inspiration.

Like this Self-care hybrid candle/skincare/haircare

Bringing self-care elements and blurring across three markets is Mind Blown Hair + Body Treatment Oil Candle. It has a calming spa-like scent with notes of lavender, eucalyptus and bergamot.

Light your own spark of inspiration in the holistic health, multi-purpose realm with this formula for a personal care candle.