Salix Alba (Willow) Extracts

Salix alba, or white Willow, is a tree found throughout North America, Asia, and Europe. The bark of the tree is the main source of; as well as the flowers and leaves are also sources of Salicylic acid -like ingredients. When added to cosmetic formulations, the extract can increase cell renewal and boost the anti-microbial capabilities of the formulation.

Beta hydroxy, salicylic acid is a superior exfoliant that improves the appearance of aging, sun-damaged skin without the irritation associated with the alpha hydroxy glycolic acid. Effective at one-fifth the concentration found in products containing glycolic acid. Unlike glycolic acid, BHA exfoliates within the pores for deep cleaning claims.

Williow Liposomal Extract increases stratum corneum turnover at the rate of 24% vs 22% of salicylic acid. Where the Campo willow Extract was returned results at 26.1% outperforming both at the same concentration.

Anti-microbial activity against Staphylococcus aureus and Propionibacterium acnes, outperforming salicylic acid again, with much less irritation. These extracts are a safe way to get the benefits of a B-hydroxy acid (BHA) without the risk of irritation and higher performance than similar products used on the market currently.

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