From a beautiful glass skin (“Chok Chok”) look to lustrous eye makeup, Korean Beauty continues to be all the rage in the industry. It has impacted the way that we view our skincare and makeup routines & products. A beauty routine with multiple steps, the objective of K-Beauty (Korean Beauty) is to get radiant, reflective skin that is smooth in both appearance and touch while also having visibility intense hydration.

The origins of K-Beauty is based on a regime of 8 key steps:

  1. Double cleanse (oil-based cleanser followed by water-based foaming cleanser is the most popular)
  2. Exfoliate
  3. Alcohol-free toner
  4. Essense or mist
  5. Serum or oil
  6. Moisturizer
  7. SPF
  8. Mask

Buzzwords –

flip the box to discover alternate buzzword stem from the Korean “kkandalgyal”  or “peeled egg” and how they differ.

Speaking the Same Language

The Perfect Skin refers to a combination emphasizing a clear and bright complexion with a transluscent finish and a smooth texture. K-Beauty consists of various terms used to describe the skin. Some of these terms include:

The texture and reflection of the skin that is so smooth, poreless, and shiny it resembles glass

A bright, hydrated, and supple more even and natural tone. Can include “Honey Glow” step, which is finishing the skin with oils to mimic honey’s luster

A plump and glistening look that is reminiscent of spring dew and indicative of freshness and youth

Exhibiting a parallel between the properties of lacquer and varnish to provide shiny, glossy, transparent finishes while protecting the surface underneath

Baby-like complexion with a pinkish flush tone, void of effects from aggressors and exemplifying health

A literal transformation from dull, tired, and stressed appearance to glowing, vibrant and radiant. Clearly evident of improvement rather than enhancement or concealment

Appearance that is absolutely flawless, with no discoloration or spots and boosting with inner radiance

Amps up the glow by incorporating both skincare and makeup for hydrated, clear and illuminated skin

Kkul = Good Idea or “Honey Tip”

Why not incorporate ingredients with the namesake!

Kkul: Honey!

How Kkul! Launches Climb Steadily & There is Plenty of Room for Opportunities


The number of launches that deliver hydration and moisturization and promote “Dewy” or “Glow”, “Glaze”, “Glossy”, “Glass” has nearly tripled since K-Beauty broke on the scene in the western world.


The majority of launches by far remains face care, which means there is plenty of opportunity for body care, color cosmetics and sun care even! Consider breaking into Active Beauty!

Glazed Like a Donut, But Not so Greasy

Factor in your target audience and speak to their skin type to help them understand the levels necessary for optimal hydration. “Fresh Sweat” (light perspiration) is no longer a total negative as it fits with the health proponents sweeping the beauty industry. Achieving that fresh out of the gym look. For those with combination skin, controlling sebum is a must in order to prevent greasy looking skin.

Pore Some More:

For sebum absorption, check out:

Artichoke Leaf Extract has been shown to increase moisture retention in the skin and to tighten pore enlarged by environmental aggressors. Other Actives targeted to pores:

Try these Formulas:

It’s Not Necessary to Over Dew It

To break it down to it’s 2 most basic steps:

  1. Exfoliator to buff skin for its smoothest texture
  2. Hydrating serum/essense/mist to help give a fresh spring morning appearance

We suggest a serum hybrid/base. Try out this Champagne Glow Highlighter Stick!

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More Ingredient Inspiration from Food

Fermented ingredients have had a long standing use in both food and personal care in Asia and Korea specifically. An ingredient such as active yeast for instance, help in cell regrowth. Other fermented ingredients deliver a myriad of benefits such as soothing and brightening properties.

Other ingredients that are derived from fermentation include:

Keep protection at an all time high by including SPF and antioxidants in your formulation. We have already listed them out for you here!

What’s Next?

Consider adding color or focusing on target areas of the face. Looking to go Bigger?

Big Name Brands Bring Dew to all Skins Surfaces

There is a term in Korean “Kkulbeogji” very roughly translated to sexy honey thighs. In reality it is bringing the healthy glowing focus from just the face to the entire skin surface. Helping to reveal a total glow from within healthy appearance.

Routine Formulas for a Polished Start